Importing from Shopify to Rize.


Missing Data
Importing products from Shopify that may include large images can result in occasional products importing with missing information due to connection time-out issues with the Shopify API.

This can result in missing images, prices and variation data.

If this issue occurs, simply delete any individual products with missing data and reimport again.

Importing products from your Shopify store
Import products from your Shopify store through the 'Shopify Connect' button on the Products tab in your Rize Designer Dashboard.
Firstly, you need to set up your Shopify API following the simple steps below.

(1). Login to Shopify and click 'Apps' from the sidebar.

(2). Scroll down and click 'Manage private apps'.

(3). Click 'Create a new private app'.

(4). Create a name for your app - like 'Rize' and add an email address - either your own or your developer. Then further down the page, ensure 'Products, variants and collections' is set to 'Read and write'. Click 'Save'.

(5). You will need the API Key and API Password to enter into the Shopify Connect settings in the 'Products' tab in your Rize dashboard.

Now that you have your Shopify API set up, let's go back over to Rize.

(6). Go back to Rize and your Designer Dashboard, click the Products tab then click the Shopify Connect button.

(7). Type in your Shopify store credentials, select the currency of your Shopify store and hit the Connect button. Rize will automatically convert from your store's currency to USD.
Note: your Shopify URL sould end with ''.

(8). Your products will now load and you can select to import 'all' or 'selected' products for import. When you have made your selection, hit the Import button.

Important! Because your Shopify site and Rize may have completely different categories, you will need to edit your product and select the product category so that your product can be found in the Rize menu.

(9). Locate the product you wish to edit and click the Edit button.

(10). Scroll down the page to the Categories section and tick the category for your product.

(11). Finally, scroll down the bottom of the page, hit save and you're done.