Mobius bracelet 

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Inspiration for the Mobius bracelet is the möbius strip, an impossible geometric structure with only one edge and one side. It symbolizes unity. If you would take a stroll on one side, and go completely around, you end up in the same spot. Two parts merge into one. While walking, we discover that two was one all along, yet each ‘one’ retains its uniqueness. When you cut the loop in half, as done with this bracelet, you an even different effect: it doubles up, instead of creating two new circles, and runs parallel for some time before arriving again at the starting point. Unity is forever.

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Materials used:

The Mobius bracelet is made of bronze (40%) and steel (60%) mixture and then covered with a thin layer of 24k gold. This layer may fade with handling. The industrial material gives this piece a dense and luxurious feel. The lines on the surface, a result of the production process, provide an impression of wood.

Manufacturing information:

This bracelet was designed and produced in Europe.

Special notes:

The bracelet is available in a couple of sizes. Find your size by measuring the inside circumference and diameter of a bangle that fits you well, and pick the size from the chart below that corresponds most: Sizes – Diameter – Circumference XS – 2.12inch (54mm) – 6.67inch (170mm) S – 2.24inch (57mm) – 7.06inch (180mm) M – 2.36inch (60mm) – 7.45inch (190mm) L – 2.63inch (67mm) – 8.24inch (210mm) XL – 2.75inch (70mm) – 8.63inch (220mm) To keep in line with sustainability, we make all bracelets on-demand. As a consequence, production times can take up to 3 weeks.

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Kolontai is a jewellery firm based in Antwerp, Belgium. We specialize in on-demand, minimalistic designs produced with 3D printing in precious metals. Kolontai is a cry of rebellion that comes out of the erupts of old stereotypes of beauty and gender, it builds on the profound transformations of the means of production of ornamental objects. Made on-demand jewellery, Industrial and minimal chic feel. Thanks to the new technologies in jewellery production, there is a piece in our collection for every unique style. All our prototypes are made on recycled plastics from small, local providers and our business model guarantees everyone access to high-quality jewellery within reasonable budget considerations. All our work is made on-demand, avoiding unnecessary stock and material waste, thus contributing to a sustainable new culture of consumption.

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