Hi my name is Sally Herbert and I'm a contemporary Jewellery designer and maker of mixed metal Jewellery. My work draws on my love of simple forms with my Jewellery designs taking on a more organic and sculptural nature. Working in Silver with highlights of Gold and Brass; conceptually my designs draw on the past and the beauty and freedom in natural imperfections. Lately, I have been focusing on the finished surface of the work. How the use of patterns, textures, and fabrics are captured by a material and the resulting change in the outward appearance of the surface. My designs rarely start life as drawings instead I adopt a process of modelling with various mediums – paper, wax, and metal. This process allows my work to move in new directions and capture a sense of fluidity and movement. I wear my jewellery every day, in the studio, at the gym or outdoors - it gets a tough test!