Aeri Go Jewelry

It's the allure of the craftsmanship that drew me into the world of jewelry design: the sheer calibre of work that goes into making a single piece of jewelry. From sketching designs to carving waxes, sculpting to polishing metals, the entire process of jewelry-making requires focus, strength, and perseverance. The process, as much as the final product, is why I enjoy being a jewelry designer. It’s meditative, it’s therapeutic, and it’s what allows me to be passionate about my craft, my life. This is the feeling, the feeling of gratitude for the fine details of life, that I want to capture and convey to those who wear Aeri Go Jewelry. Aeri Go Jewelry is handcrafted Jewelry brand that pursues the virtue of nature, to develop jewelry that organically becomes part of your character and part of your own “imperfections.”