Buying on Rize.

When you shop on Rize, you are buying directly from the designer. If you love to discover exciting new fashion from designers around the world, Rize might be just what you’re looking for.

Discover more interesting fashion from around the world
Thanks to globalisation, the world of fashion has started to look incredibly homogenised. We live in an age where high streets around the world are beginning to look the same with big fashion retail giants dominating. Not cool, right? That’s why we created Rize. Want to see what designers in Mexico or Sweden, Australia or Japan are doing? If they’re on Rize, you can! Just browse designers by country in our Brand Directory.

Support emerging designers
We want to make it easier to discover exciting young designers. You might even find a one-off, unique item designed by the ‘next big thing’ as part of their studies. Not only that, you’ll be buying directly and creating opportunities for young designers to make a living doing what they love in a fiercely competitive industry – helping to reinvigorate the fashion industry with new, creative ideas at the same time.

How Rize works
When you shop on Rize, you are buying directly from the designer. Rize was started to help young and emerging designers reach a global community of fashion lovers. We believe that the designer (not the the retailer) should be rewarded for all their hard work, passion and creativity.

Rize is a marketplace that builds a community of fashion designers and fashion lovers. When you buy from Rize please submit a review of the product and the designer’s service. This helps designers understand how their customers respond to their work and can help them to make design improvements in future.

Customer service, refunds & disputes
Using Rize as a venue, customers and designers deal directly with each other during a transaction. The designers are solely responsible for setting their own policies for shipping, returns and exchanges. You'll find designers' policies in a tabbed section underneath each product. If you have ordered an item from a designer who offers refunds and your reason for requesting a refund is in accordance with the designer’s policies, you should follow the designer’s returns process in the first instance. If there is a communication breakdown between you and the designer for any reason, you should contact us and we can attempt to liaise with the designer on your behalf.

Import duty and sales tax
Customs offices in some countries apply taxes — import duty and sales tax (VAT) — on certain types of imported goods. These taxes are often based on the declared value of the goods. To understand how this may affect you, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the applicable practices of customs offices in your country or the country you are shipping to. Prices on Rize do not include any import duty or sales tax that may be applicable.

Our customers’ security, trust and peace of mind is incredibly important to us. Which is why we use Stripe as our payment handler. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Your personal information
We want to be the kind of company that reflects who we are as people and as such we treat the information you provide us with great respect. We don’t use your information to send emails encouraging you to come back to buy an item left in your cart. We don’t email to suggest other items you may like and we certainly don’t use or sell your data to target you with advertising of any kind. Read more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy.