A new home for Tictail users.

Looking for an alternative to Tictail?

When Tictail sold to Shopify in November 2018 and subsequently closed its doors in April 2019, their users were automatically relocated to the Shopify platform leaving some sellers unhappy.

But as one door closes for Tictail's users, another may have just been opening… also in April 2019, the Rize marketplace was launched. Although Rize is a platform dedicated to fashion designers, we believe our mission and values will resonate strongly with many of Tictail's designers.

Who is Rize?

Rize is a social enterprise at the very beginning of a journey and a mission to help young, emerging and independent fashion designers.
Our journey began after a trip to Asia where we recognised that many of the world's fast fashion brands are dominating the retail landscape in many countries in a way that parallels the fast food giants.
We didn't think that was very cool and wanted to do something to help smaller, emerging designers to succeed globally.

How does Rize work?

It’s totally free to list your designs on Rize. We don’t charge subscription fees, joining fees or listing fees like some other marketplaces do. We just charge a 10% commission when you actually sell something. We think you (the designers – not retailers) deserve to be rewarded for all your talent, passion and hard work.