Origin Of Hearts is a super conscious resort wear brand, whose main objective is to inspire sustainability as an emerging behaviour in contemporary social circles and deliver timeless product that carries an effortless bohemian, classy feel with impeccable quality. OOH brings vivid, contemporary and ethical collections rich with ethnic heritage, a story and a cause.

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As a Slow Fashion brand the designs of OOH are handcrafted in clean production process by talented artisans in fair trade and carry not only the signature of the country they were made in, but according to it’s founder Irina – the heart and love of the local artisan, who helped crafting it.

The collections are supposed to transport you to their origin not just through a physical possession, but also on a behavioural level. The results are special, exotic and unique versatile items, that you’ll wear forever.

Origin of Hearts is the love & brain child of Irina Petrova – a former Fashion Industry professional, who turned wanderlust goal-getter after giving into her ultimate passion – people; a spirited soul with deep love for exploration.

Irina founded OOH after realising that the corporate world wasn’t a calling but a necessity and deciding that in this one life, she can either have structure or reap the benefits of travel by giving the world a behind-the-scenes look of remote corners of the world.

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Irina with the tribes of Kanganaman, Papua New Guinea and with local craftsman family, Ubud, Bali

After traveling to Papua New Guinea one year and volunteering in Kenya shortly after, she combined her keen fashion eye and experience with the ability to connect with people to create a brand with a wanderlust cause, one which delivers knowledge and, most importantly, access to the traditions of remote tribes and communities around the world.

A few months later, Origin of Hearts was launched and Irina started to split her time between Barcelona – a city she’s called home for over 16 years and Ubud, Indonesia, where she collaborates with fellow wanderlust(ers) and lends a helping hand at local orphanages, while closely working with seamstresses in the area to develop her resort wear line of unisex kimono shirts – Island Life, inspired by the country’s traditional patterns and textiles.

Irina hopes to extend her reach to more people and inspire others to embrace differences, contribute for a better world, look for the unique, consume less and develop a genuine love for uncovering – and preserving – the traditions of forgotten places.

Words by Style Controversy

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