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Better fashion – for people and planet

Fast fashion carries a huge environmental and social price tag, second only to oil as the world’s biggest polluter and with equally shocking social and human impacts.

Every one of us can make a difference.

Discover and shop a whole world of fresh, affordable, sustainable fashion — straight from emerging brands. We created Rize to help young and emerging ethical fashion brands take on the big guys.

EGYPT — Up-fuse

Reducing waste through production?

Up-fuse has upcycled over 250,000 plastic bags since it launched. They begin by collecting disposed plastic bags and plastics production waste through sustainable collaboration with the Manshiyat Nasser Landfill, known as Cairo Garbage City – the world's largest garbage village and home to over 60,000 Zaballeen - garbage-collectors. They are entrepreneurial garbage workers who have achieved the most efficient waste disposal system worldwide, recycling over 80% of their daily collected garbage which accounts to 3000 – 4000 tons daily, while developed cities and multinational waste disposal corporations recycle only 20 - 30 percent of what they collect, leaving the rest to rot in giant landfills.

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USA — Triarchy

How much water are you wearing?

It takes almost 11,000 litres of water to make a traditional pair of jeans. The wash process involved is one of the most polluting aspects of fashion production but L.A. denim brand, Triarchy is fighting to change this. Their wash process uses less than a cup of water and the brand has so far saved over 7.5 million litres of water.

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Down Under… wear

We hear you. Undies are undies. We’ve all got our favourite pairs, but Wears are different. Beautifully simple, stretchy, soft and sustainable.

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Time to make a difference

FSC certified wood, recycled leather, paper packaging and a shipping system that reduces the emissions of CO2 – just some of the things that make MAM our favourite watch brand.

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Ireland — Inner Island

Modern design × ancient materials

Inner Island's refined and understated gold and silver pieces have been described as wearable sculpture. Handcrafted in rural County Wexford in the east of Ireland using a combination of the ancient art of metalworking and modern technologies.

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